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PUC-UHT Community Engagement Learning Table COVID-19 Announcement & Survey

Greetings North Minneapolis Residents and Stakeholders,

Pillsbury United Communities, Public Policy Project-Environmental Justice Coordinating Council and McKnight Foundation (PUC-UHT Team) is presently following the orders and recommendation by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and the MN Department of Health intended to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Therefore, we will not be hosting our monthly Upper Harbor Terminal Development Learning Tables Community meetings until further notice. Our first priority is for the health and wellness of our people.

We also thank you for considering of yourself and others by following the social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We appreciate all of our Northside healthcare providers, grocery stores, sanitation workers, postal workers and all other essential staff who put themselves in danger to help us get through this.

When a crisis like this comes, it amplifies all the historical and current manifestations of environmental and economic injustice. These are the very patterns we have sought to discern how to address through our Learning Tables on the Upper Harbor Terminal development.

It is our understanding that the City of Minneapolis, Collaborative Planning Committee (CPC), the Developers (United Properties and First Avenue) and Minneapolis Parks & Recreation have canceled all planning meetings for the Upper Harbor Terminal Development. For more information about what the city is planning to do please contact Erik Hanson at CPED.

At some point this will come to an end and we will go back to life as we knew it before the Pandemic. When that happens, we will begin again doing our UHT Learning Table meetings. Until then we would like to hear from you about our Learning Table Community Engagement process for the UHT Development.

Below is a list of evaluation questions for you to answer about your experience and participation in our Learning Table. Please use as much space as you need to answer these questions. For more information: or Email:

 PUC-UHT Community Engagement Learning Table Survey

 We have hosted a series 8 Community Engagement Learning Tables, each very different. Please complete the evaluation for Learning Table(s) you attended.

Learning Tables are deeper community conversations on a topic from the UHT Concept Plan. These 4-hour sessions occurred during the third week of the months of July, August, September, October, November, December 2019 & January, February, March (canceled) & April (canceled) 2020 and aimed to gather community preferences on each topic.

The Learning Table provides the “learning water”; a place to ask critical questions and develop the “learning glue”; a place to develop relationships, create partnerships, and make commitments to explore ideas for incorporation in the UHT development. Each Learning Table theme is directly related to development topics.· Learn together · Create shared approach · Coordinate efforts.

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