Current Updates in the fight to address Lead & Asthma in Black and Brown Communities.

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For north Minneapolis residents living in the Sheridan, Bottineau, McKinley and Hawthorn neighborhoods who are affected by lead and/or asthma and need support, click here to learn more

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Northern Metals Concent Decree Recommendations

Where do we go from here?

“We strongly urge you to not grant an extension to Northern Metals

while the dispute resolution process proceeds.”

Date: August 5, 2019
Honorable Chief Judge, John H. Guthmann
Second Judicial District
Ramsey County Courthouse
Re Northern Metals Extension
Dear Honorable Chief Judge Guthmann,
The communities of North and Northeast Minneapolis had to fight to be heard and fight to win a
resolution of the Northern Metals case in favor of the community. Given the impacts of Northern Metals
on the health of our community, we strongly urge you to nogrant an extension to Northern Metals
while the dispute resolution process proceeds. Read full letter below

Northern Metals Settlement Board


Public Policy Project facilitates

The Northern Metals Settlement Board shall be charged with providing recommendations for the budget breakdown of the $600,000 dedicated to community asthma and lead reduction work within the parameters of the four projects defined in the consent decree. (Lead Education, Lead Mitigation, Asthma Education and Asthma Mitigation) The Settlement Board shall also be charged with providing recommendations on how the City can best implement the four projects defined by the consent decree, including recommendations on how to define impacted communities, how to identify and educate the at-risk residents, how to identify and reach the families of children with asthma, and how to conduct lead-screening events.

The consent decree states that the mitigation project shall include projects in the impacted neighborhoods (Hawthorne, Sheridan, Bottineau and McKinley) to:

(1) identify and educate at-risk residents on asthma triggers; (2) enroll families with children suffering from poorly controlled asthma in a new asthma trigger mitigation program; and (3) implement community and block-by-block blood lead level screening events in cooperation with local clinics which will offer follow-up venous blood screening as needed; and (4) identify and connect affected individuals with resources to help reduce environmental exposure to lead.

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